Tanbour Navazan Bisotun Concert

Tanbour Navazan Bisotun

In the organization of the Puppet Theater in Mostar and the Cultural Center of the Embassy of IR Iran in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the occasion of celebrating the Day of Iranian Culture, they are organizing a music concert by the Iranian group “Tanbour Navazan Bisotun“.

The international group Bisotun is a representative of the traditional and ritual music of western Iran. It was created in 1991 with a research goal, and the name of this group comes from the mythical mountain Bisotun and the city of Kermanshah.

The songs of the Kermanshah region, which were performed independently, were performed for the first time by the Bisotun group. The repertoire includes songs by Rumi, Attar, as well as old tanbur songs preserved since the 4th century, which have their roots in the Mehr ritual.

Musicians: Hamid reza Hodžandi (singer, composer and Divan musician), Fateme Karamđani (kamanche), Behzad Moradi (tanbour), Ehsan Ansari (percussion instruments), Aref Rustaji (cello, oud and wind instruments), Mobina Moradi (tanbour).

Entrance to the concert is free, the number of seats is limited.

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