On Tenderness

On Tenderness

The second reprise of the play “On Tenderness”, directed by Ines Pasic, will be played on Sunday, January 26, 2020, starting at 11:00

Mostar with the Peruvian address Ines Pasic, together with Igor, Nina and Ali, the actors of this theater, made an interesting non-verbal performance that the Mostar audience had never seen before.

Non-verbal Form The Puppet Theater in Mostar opens new opportunities for participation and cooperation with major international festivals in Poland, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Peru. According to the actors of this play, Ines brought to the theater new perspectives on art and interesting ideas that they were able to put together on the theater boards.

The play is suitable for all ages and summarizes the abstract elements of physical theater, dance, music and play that each person goes through in their development.


“On Tenderness” is a blend of scenes from life seen from an angle that has no ambition to make judgments about anyone or anything. These are everyday situations full of “big and small” conflicts and contradictions of a humorous and poetic nature. Although different, all of these moments have something in common. It is the power of tenderness that transforms tragicomic situations into cathartic theatrical and human experience.
The stage techniques used by the actors are physical and rhythmic figures, pantomimes and animation of objects. Music background is an important element that serves to further strengthen the stage content.
In a time of great technological advancement, many artists feel the need to return to extreme simplicity. This search for the essential in the demanding puppet and acting performance is a metaphor for the search of the wondrous part within ourselves. To discover the power of tenderness and all its spiritual strength is an exceptional experience that changes the world by changing our understanding of it. Transforming this idea into a stage play is a challenge that the play “On Tenderness” wishes to explore and share with the audience.

26.01.2020. 11:00
11:00 — 11:45 (45′)

Ines Pašić

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