“Paths” is the first part of a trilogy based on a life path that can be understood as personality building or as a search for oneself. The puppet changes in accordance with the life changes. Each path can lead in different directions, but in the end, the stories of all of us are quite similar. We grow through our own experiences and failures, and after every fall we try to rise. In this play, the audience will meet different types of puppets: stick puppets, hand puppets, table puppets, wire puppets, as well as puppets made in the combined technique.

AUTHOR TEAM Director: Cagri Yilmaz Scenography: Cagri Yilmaz Doll making: Cagri Yilmaz Music: Paul Shapera, Derek & Brandon Fiechter, Peter Gundry, Circus Contraption, Opa Tsupa, Giora Feidman Video: Rodrigo Addi Ma

CAST Cagri Yilmaz

29.09.2023. 10:00
10:00 — 10:40 (40′)

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Cagri Yilmaz


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