A Cloud in Love


It was a long time ago. Many of you have not been born yet, and our respected celebrator, the Puppet Theater Mostar which is currently celebrating 50 years of existence, was only 35 years old at that time. And I was fifteen years younger. Even the world was younger – it still hadn’t face the difficult, even tragic experiences of the end of 20th and the beginning of the 21st century.
Precisely then I spent the hot July in the beautiful city of Mostar; I was in the Puppet Theater Mostar preparing a classic Polish fairy tale about Poor Marica, whose goats were taken by a fox, so she had to set out on a long journey, aided by the dwarfs, to the faraway mountains to reach Queen Tatra. Perhaps your parents or your older brothers and sisters had watched her adventures.
Today, when Mrs. Ranka Mutevelić and the new generation of actors in the Puppet Theater Mostar invited me, I want to introduce you to another brave girl, the lovely Aisha from a Turkish fairy tale. She lives with her friends Bunny and Pigeon among the flowers in her garden, and she is happy. Unfortunately, others want to destroy her hapiness… But I will not be the one telling you that story. Dervish, who is now entering the theater, will tell you all about it while playing a very unusual instrument. Have you heard him playing the ney?

I wish that the protective cloud always floats not only over the garden of your theater, but also over the gardens of your homes and all over Mostar.

Wojciech Wieczorkiewicz, Director


Director’s Assistant: Tanja Miletić-Oručević
On the basis of the work by Nazim Hikmet
Adaptation: Malgorzata Labecka-Koecherowa
Translation: Tanja Miletić – Oručević
Scenography, Costumes and Puppet Design: Vanja Popović
Music: Atilla Aksoj
Puppet Construction: Ivica Bilek
Scenography and Props: Mirsad Bijedić
Text “Aicha’s Dream” adapted by Nedžad Maksumić
Lead Technician: Amer Ćatić


Diana Ondelj-Maksumić (Aisha, Elif)
Nermina Denjo (The Cloud, The Pigeon, The Nettle)
Sergio Radoš (Dervish, The Vortex, Mahmut)
Nedžad Maksumić (Kara Sejfi, The Rabbit, Murat, The Hermit, The Black Feather)
Edin Ljubović (No Name)
Alternation Emir Kapetanović

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November 29, 2002