About us


Puppet Theater Mostar was founded in 1952. Its seat, both then as well as today, is in the former Jewish synagogue located in Mostar’s neighbourhood called Brankovac. The property was given to the Puppet Theater by the Jewish municipality in the early fifties of the last century, under the strict condition that it should be used only for that purpose…

Guest Performances

The performances were played on stages in Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Iran, Norway, Sweden, and, of course, in all countries formed by the breakup of the former Yugoslavia..


Throughout the years, the Puppet Theater has become a true temple of puppetry and the finest representative of the cultural scene of this city. It is a proud recipient of numerous appraisals, awards and recognitions at international and domestic festivals; its performances have so far been seen by over two million viewers.


Technical Data

The Mostar Puppet Theater Hall is equipped with an adequate air conditioner. The scene curtain is controlled from the Prompt Corner via an electric motor and four movable carriers for reflectors and curtains.