A Tangled Fairy Tale


We were taught from and raised on fairy tales. They taught us that virtue is worthwhile, and evil is punished. They trained us to be good and righteous in search of our happiness, because only in this way we can get the right ending of our fairy tale – the “and they lived long and happy…” kind of end.
This fairy tale refuses to become such a tale. It represents the search for someone who needs us, and for someone who will free us from loneliness. Actually, it represents a quest for balance, reconciliation with our own faults and imperfections. For “there is nothing complete in this world”, and no one is completely good or completely evil. Everything is intertwined, complicated, or tangled, and precisely because of that – it’s beautiful. Thus, our fairy tale is TANGLED, too!
The Skinny and The Other travel the world and encounter numerous human flaws and many temptations on the road, while seeking for what they had all along but failed to recognize. Hence, the destination is also the place of departure. Enriched by experience under the Sun and the Moon, the two of them are happy that they went together through this difficult journey and found each other. They found peace in themselves, and felt at peace with themselves. They became jolly and ready to start the journey of their dreams, because the journey itself is happiness!


Director: Nedžad Maksumić
Scenography: Stjepan Miloš and Igor Vidačković
Music: Atilla Aksoj
Costume Design: Orhan Imami
Stagehand: Amer Ćatić
Turner: Ivo Mustapić
Draft of Metal Axis: Dražen Ondelj


Diana Ondelj Maksumić – The Red (Flower and The Other)
Nermina Denjo – The Yellow (Skinny)
Serđo Radoš – The Orange (The Sun, The Fighter, The Vassal, The Sage, The Goof, Boredom and Envy)
Nedžad Maksumić – The Blue (Moon, The Complainer, The Fan, The Ruler, The Student, The Rich Man, Laziness and Success)


The drama template for the play was made by Nedžad Maksumić, a member of this ensemble. He also appears as a director and, finally, as one of the actors in the play. By this we have seen, in the wider scope, the intellectual and creative profile of this creator who recently presented a very good poetry collection “Jerusalemian“.

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July 15, 2008