Heart of Ice


This is a life story of the poor charcoal worker Peter Munk who sells his soul to the devil. It is a saga of the rise and fall of a man, and a parable of temptation, sin and repentance. It offers a philosophical story of choosing a life path and sustaining human morals and spiritual values. In other words, it is a mystical melodrama about the power of love, remorse and forgiveness. In this story, the Glass Manikin and Michael the Dutch represent a fantastic allegorical image of the moral and philosophical understanding of human good and evil.

Director: Todor Valov


Director and Dramatic Adaptation: Todor Valov
Scenography, Puppets and Costumes: Stefka Kjuvlieva
Music and Music Adaptation: Plamen Mirčev – Mirona
Translation from Bulgarian: Milica Redžić Vulević
Puppet Design: Petar Čekurov, Dimitar Dimitrov, Milen Avramov, Anelia Sadovska i Ganka Kirilova
Scenography Design: Rumen Benkovski, Janislav Bukovski i Diana Todorova
Studio Recording: Atilla Aksoj
Poster and Promotional Material: Maja Rubinić
Master of Sound and Lighting: Amer Ćatić
Costume Tailor: Mensur Kazazić


Peter Munk: Igor Vidačković
Glass Manikin/Squirrel, Fat Ezekiel, Greta: Nedžad Maksumić
Michael the Dutch and Long Slurker: Serđo Radoš
Little Peter Munk and Lizabeth: Diana Ondelj – Maksumić
Barbara Munk and King of Dance: Nermina Denjo

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July 03, 2014