The Beauty and the Beast


Let’s suppose there exists a magic mirror in which we can see the reflection of a human soul. The mirror would show the Beauty or the Beast depending on the soul of the person that is reflected. This fairy tale, written by Madame de Villeneuve more than 250 years ago, speaks of transformative love that shakes and changes life, both of those who love and those who need to be loved. It’s a fairy tale about the dual nature of humans. All of us, at some point in our lives, become torn apart by contradictions, and then we need love, support, and trust. The fairy tale tells us that each of us is entitled to happiness. But, in order to be happy, one must follow his/her dreams to make a turning point in one’s life, even though at first it might seem as a dangerous, risky and absurd decision. “The Beauty and the Beast” is a fairy tale about the need and desire of every human soul to be happy. The true beauty is within humans; it is contained in the incredible beauty that lies in one’s soul.

Director: Todor Valov


Director: Todor Valov
Dramatic Adaptation: Teodora Popova
Translation from Bulgarian: Milica Redžić Vulević
Song and Text Adaptation: Nedžad Maksumić
Scenography and Puppets: Stefka Kjuvlieva
Music: Atila Aksoj
Puppet Design: Petar Čekurov, Elena Conkova, Nina Stamova, Anelia Sadovska i Ganka Kirilova
Scenography Design: Rumen Benkovski
Poster and Promotional Material: Željko Koren
Master of Sound and Lighting: Amer Ćatić


Madame de Beaumont and Beatrice: Diana Ondelj – Maksumić
Belle: Nermina Denjo
Father: Nedžad Maksumić
The Beast and the Prince: Igor Vidačković and Serđo Radoš

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June 19, 2015