The Muddy Duck


Stories can be read in different ways, and thus they can have different meanings. I was personally obsessed with two underlying messages of this lovely story about a playful Duck.

The first message: It is perfectly clear that cunning foxes are lurking for innocence and naivety. Their foxiness and power can only be overcome with courage and unity.

The second message offers a more poetic, slightly nostalgic view of two dreamers, two clowns that are enthusiastic about the dreams of glory, applause, happiness, and sadness under the lights of the stage of the abandoning century. It offers a glimpse of their infinite willpower to build a better and more just world by using imagination.
Children should seek conclusions in both ways of reading. However, I would also recommend to the adults to think deeply about the second way, but also to refrain from considering the first one as rhetorical.

Hamica Nametak, Director


Adaptation and Director: Hamica Nametak
Written by: N. Gernetova – T. Gurevičova
Sound and Lighting: Amer Ćatić
Stage Tehnician: Mirsad Bijedić
Painting by Students of The Pedagogical Academy: Jagoda Gosto, Lejla Šehić, Elvedina Hrustanović, Dolores Veledar, Husein Šljivo


Nedžad Maksumić – Clown A, Jasko the Sheperd
Sergio Radoš – Clown B, Hedgehog the Pricker
Diana Ondelj – Maksumić – The Wise Fox
Nermina Denjo – The Muddy Duck


The performance includes various puppet techniques – from rod puppets javjaka and hand puppets guignols to playing with hands and objects. The game is based on the principle of clowns. Clowns are played by Nedžad Maksumić and Sergio Radoš who have “worked out and played these parts with a distinctive stage charm and ease of play”.

Ljubica Ostojić

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May 18, 2000