Don’t wait for me…”,

Don’t wait for me…”,


Welcome to the world where houses have legs, wings, and sails to travel with. Every night your houses go as far as they can see. So, you never know where exactly you’ll wake up… And that’s amazing: you stay at home, but the view from the window changes. Alas, one morning, a house went on its journey without its tenant. She took everything with her, except the bed. Waking up under the open sky, our hero wrapped himself in a blanket and waited, firmly convinced that his house would return to him. Suddenly, a strong wind blew and carried our hero in search of his home.

AUTHOR TEAM Director: Vera Rozanova Scenography: Lucile Reguerre Doll creator: Vera Rozanova Composer: Thomas Demay

CAST Vera Rozanova

28.09.2023. 10:00
10:00 — 10:40 (40′)

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Vera Rozanova


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