The Singing Hat

ABOUT PLAY “The Singing Hat” is the story of a father and daughter whose lives change when one day a bird builds a nest in an unusual place… This creates difficulties for them in their everyday life in the city, but at the same time, it brings them a new worldview. This is an authentic and delicate play, in which viewers will encounter a unique perspective. The two main characters reveal a new viewpoint of inner life, raw emotions, and truly important matters. This non-verbal performance conveys deep meanings and true feelings to the audience.

AUTHOR TEAM After a story by Tohby Riddle A show by Rachel Warr and Andra Ștefan Scenography / painting: Elena Ilaș Sculpture: Florin Marin Music: Simon Roth

CAST Andreea Bolovan, Dana Bonțidean, Ionuț Constantinescu, Ion Iurcu

27.09.2023. 19:00
19:00 — 19:40 (40′)

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Rachel Warr i Andra Stefan


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