Animal Stories

Animal Stories

In ancient times, humans lived in close contact with animals. In many educational narratives that have survived to this day, animals have had human characteristics. We call these stories fables.

The most famous teller of fables, Aesop, is said to have lived in Greece in the 5th century BC. A plethora of fables that have survived for 2,500 years in oral tradition are attributed precisely to him.

Aesop’s fables are short and witty, and they express important moral truths and lessons from everyday life in quite simple language. Interestingly, it has never seemed unusual to us that animals from fables speak the human language, so in a sense, we could consider them the forerunners of comic books and cartoons.

Text author: Silvan Omerzu and Meta Brulec
Director: Silvan Omerzu

Doll creation: Silvan Omerzu
Scenography: Silvan Omerzu
Original music: Vasko Atanasovski
Doll making: Silvan Omerzu and Žiga Lebar
Creation of scenography: Žiga Lebar
Costume design: Irena Jovanović
Text translation: Nebojša Pop Tasić
Illustration: Silvan Omerzu
Graphic design: Lazar Stanojević
Photographer: Lazar Stanojević
Cinematographer: Zoran Laki Lazarevic

Lisica, Narrator: Milica Redžić Vulević
Crow, Narrator: Nevena Brzaković / Dubravka Brkić
Rooster, Rabbit, Narrator: Petar Lukić

27.09.2023. 10:00
10:00 — 10:35 (35′)

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Silvan Omerzu


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