11:11 PM

11:11 PM


11:11 PM

A man remains seated while images of his entire life pass before him; love, relationships, family, separations… The man toys with his memories. He remembers the challenges, failures, intimacy, partings… Images merge and dissipate.
This non-verbal performance uses visual aids, objects, puppets, shadows, multimedia, dance, and original music. Each segment of this play can be interpreted differently because the universal symbols will surely touch the experiences of each individual in the audience, making them a part of the play.

Author of the text: Pablo Ariel
Directing: Pablo Ariel
Scenography: Dana Meidan
Doll maker:: Dana Meidan
Composer: Gustavo Bustamante

CAST: Nicole Mahler, Gustavo Bustamante, Pablo Ariel

26.09.2023. 19:00
19:00 — 19:50 (50′)

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