Once Upon a Time, There Was a Lion

Once Upon a Time, There Was a Lion

Our Terrifying Lion stemmed from a drawing and began his adventure in nature and society. The Terrifying Lion represents all of us, particularly the children that we must preserve within us. The art we carry in us as a part of our unique personality is worth protecting; each of us is somewhat silly, imaginative, and unusual in our own way. It’s precisely our “oddities” that are the most beautiful phenomena in human existence. Society dubbed the Lion as the Terrifying Lion, but he is something completely different, and the children will have the opportunity to feel and see his true colors in this rather unusual play.

Based on texts and motifs by Duška Radović

Dramatization and direction: Nikola Bundalo
Playwright: Aleksandar Vasiljević
Scenography: Berina Šuščević
Doll design: Petra Jocić
Costume: Jelena Stojčić

Đorđe Janković, Zorana Šuman, Svjetlana Andrić, Nikola Milaković

26.09.2023. 10:00
10:00 — 10:40 (40′)

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Nikola Bundalo


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