Fairy Tale of Lost Time


Time. What is time if not a substance invisible to the eye, but that can be heard in a heartbeat, seen behind the eyelids, and felt deep inside in every pore of human skin. It’s both nowhere and everywhere. But who listens to the heart beating nowadays, or who dares to take a peek behind the eyelids and who comes to think of skin pores at all?

The “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” is a story that essentially talks about the transience of time and preciousness of human life. It is an interesting, witty and above all poetic play about a boy called Petja Mihajlovič Zubov who was turned into an old man because of his distinctiveness, shyness and the ability to feel the world and the existence of time. The unfortunate event that happens only once in a trillion years turned Petja into an old man, as well as Stasja, a girl whom he liked and who enjoyed reading books and listening to Petja talking with time, i.e. to himself. In order to find her among a crowd of old ladies and bring back his youthful age, Petja set on a journey of getting to know himself through accepting his feelings.

This somewhat fantastic and enigmatic play was inspired by the eponymous fairy tale written by the Russian writer, Eugene Schwartz (Eugene Schwartz). Today, the story serves to remind us of the mortality of every individual, and of a very short amount of time we have on disposal to live in a way our heart craves or in a way the substance of which we are woven tells us.

Tamara Kučinović, director


Director & Author: Tamara Kučinović
Drama Assistant: Nikša Eldan
Creator of Puppets and set design: Alena Pavlović
Puppets technology: Alena Pavlović i Luči Vidanović
Text adaptation: Nedžad Maksumić
Komposer: Atilla Aksoj
Costume design: Nadina Hubana
Light design: Tamara Kučinović

Production of scenery & Puppets: Alena Pavlović, Luči Vidanović, Đenan Behmen
Master of music & light: Amer Ćatić
Master of the scene: Đenan Behmen


Mr. TIME – Sergio Radoš
PETJA – Igor Vidačković
STASJA, LIBRARY- Fatima Kazazić
GRANNY – Nina Popović
PLAYER – Nermina Denjo / Ali Kamer Aksoy


5th International Children’s Art Festival Sarajevo (FEDU) / 06.05.2019.
– Award for the best text or adaptation by TAMARA KUČINOVIĆ for dramatization “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” performed by the Mostar Puppet Theater, BiH
– Award for Best Actress FATIMI KAZAZIĆ for the role in the play “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” Mostar Puppet Theater.

XX International Festival of Professional Puppet Theaters – LUT FEST, East Sarajevo / 17.05.2019.
Grand Prix “Golden Anime” for the best play of the Festival,
– Award for Best Acting Award went to Igor Vidackovic,
– Award for Best Director Tamara Kucinovic,
– Award “Magic of Puppetry” – Radoslav Lazic play “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” Puppet Theater Mostar.

18th International Children’s Theater Festival Banja Luka / 12.10.2019.
– Award for the best actor to Igor Vidackovic (for the main role),
– Special award for the complete author’s work of Tamara Kucinovic.

5th International Festival of Educational Theater – IFET 2019. / 09.12.2019.
– According to the decision of the Audience Jury, the “Board that means life” award for the best play of the 5th IFET was given to the play “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” produced by the Mostar Puppet Theater.

22nd International Puppet Festival “Golden Spark”, Kragujevac / 20.11.2020.
– The award for the creation of puppets is given to Alena Pavlović for the creation of puppets in the play “Fairy Tale of Lost Time” directed by Tamara Kučinović and performed by the Puppet Theater from Mostar.






45 min