On Tenderness


Tenderness is the awareness of the miracles hidden in everyday life. It is the power that melts the coldest hearts, soothes the fiercest storms and heals the deepest wounds. Tenderness runs through the walls that divide us and illuminates the path to our common root – the root that is not subject to the whims of the moment and space. Tenderness is a deep need to offer and receive the most wonderful part of ourselves. Tenderness is a way of communication that sharpens our hearing and refines our actions and words.



“On Tenderness” is a blend of scenes from life seen from an angle that has no ambition to make judgments about anyone or anything. These are everyday situations full of “big and small” conflicts and contradictions of a humorous and poetic nature. Although different, all of these moments have something in common. It is the power of tenderness that transforms tragicomic situations into cathartic theatrical and human experience.
The stage techniques used by the actors are physical and rhythmic figures, pantomimes and animation of objects. Music background is an important element that serves to further strengthen the stage content.
In a time of great technological advancement, many artists feel the need to return to extreme simplicity. This search for the essential in the demanding puppet and acting performance is a metaphor for the search of the wondrous part within ourselves. To discover the power of tenderness and all its spiritual strength is an exceptional experience that changes the world by changing our understanding of it. Transforming this idea into a stage play is a challenge that the play “On Tenderness” wishes to explore and share with the audience.

Ines Pašić


Director, Concept Developer and Music Selection: Ines Pašić
Director’s Assistant: Igor Vidačković

Scenography, Puppets and Props: Đenan Behmen
Puppet Costume Tailor: Smilja Soče
Lighting and Sound: Amer Ćatić
Tailor: Nadina Hubana
Scenography Assistant: Sejo Redžić
Photography and Video: Agencija Magma
Graphic Design: Edin Kmetaš


Igor Vidačković
Nina Popović
Ali Kamer Aksoy






45 min

O nježnosti - Trailer