Snow White Boy


Snow White Boy is a fairy tale that is easy to enter; all it takes is to snap your fingers. However, it is difficult to get out of it, because in it the good truly beats the evil, the friendships are stronger than malice, and true unity leads to achieving every goal. How can you face and accept the real life then? We need to have a little mirror which allows us to dream of and travel to a more beautiful reality or more colorful dreams. We should never give up on those journeys. Each of us has taken such a mirror from childhood and locked it in the deepest pocket of our memories. The mirror always reminds us – despite how forgetful we are – that it is better to love and be loved than to have power and gold, as well as that it is nicer to be good to others than to be beautiful on the outside, and that it is more beautiful to be worthy than to steal the valuebles.
The Snow White Boy is a clumsy boy who turned the fairy tale about Snow White upside down, and adapted it to himself and allowed entrance to anyone who wanted to enter it. The Snow White Boy is so naive you’ll certainly laugh, but he’s never mean. The Snow White Boy believes in the victory of the good even when there is no reason for it. His greatest treasure are his friends, and true friendship is always good. We were so confident about that when we were kids. Let’s do it again. At least for a moment.


Director and Choice of Music: Nedžad Maksumić
Written by: Nedžad Maksumić, inspired by the fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm “Snow White”
Scenario Associate: Diana Ondelj – Maksumić
Choice and Construction of Costumes: Diana Ondelj – Maksumić, Nermina Denjo and Azera Škoro
Flute Soloist: Nada Šahinagić
Sculptor: Mirsad Bijedić
Props Construction Assistance: Sandra Perotić
Computer Photo-editing: Adnan Bajramović
Poster Design: Mirsad Begović, academic painter
Lead Technician: Amer Ćatić


Nermina Denjo – The First Cleaning Lady, The Street Seller, The Guard, The Nightingale Louis and Lilch the Witch
Diana Ondelj Maksumić – The Second Cleaning Lady, The Queen and The Ant Anastasius
Sergio Radoš – The Cleaner, The Mirror, The Runny Bunny
Nedžad Maksumić – Snow White Boy


This is an original literary work, based on poetry imagination suitable for children’s receptors. It is a work that reveals new relationships between “humans, animals and things” with a poetic persuasiveness that sounds sureally full of its real energy.
“Snow White Boy” is a compact theater achievement in which the Director’s solid idea is harmoniously complemented with the homogeneity and joy of playing exhibited by the ensemble.

Salko Šarić

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December 26, 1997