The Boy Who Dreamed of the Sea


“The Boy Who Dreamed of the Sea” is a fairytale character- theater piece for children, but rooted in the real story of one boy’s loneliness and his desire to see the sea. Life is the sea… in life, as well as on the high seas, the Unknown awaits a man. One must venture out and embark on the Journey to the Unknown.” The Boy Who Dreamed of the Sea” tells the story of a boy whose greatest dream is to see the sea, but he never had a chance to do so in his life. The boy lives in his fantasy world, from which; in times, he is forced to go to reality, only to return to his own dreams as soon as possible.

In the moments when he is asleep, the boy dreams of talking to the sea which provides him with answers on some of his life questions, while others remain unanswered so that the boy himself, could find the answers and the right path… When he is awake, the boy cheerfully talks to his only friend, a stuffed dolphin and fantasizes about the sea and how he will- when he grows up, sail a boat out to sea and find out what lies beyond the horizon. Only then does the audience learn that the boy lives in a home for neglected children and waits for the foster parents. The mom the boy so longs for is the sea, and the imaginary dolphin friend is dad. When potential foster parents change their minds, the boy decides to embark on a journey with his best friend to follow his dream… What is normal for many children is unattainable for this boy. Someone would give the whole world for what many people find implied- whether that is “just” going to sea or having a warm parent hug, and a childhood where a child can be a child and follow their dreams and have someone who believes in them no matter what…

Selma Parisi


Why are we dreaming? Do we remember our dreams?

Do we only dream at night when we sleep? Do we dream during the day when we don’t sleep? Do dreams awake us at night? Am I afraid of our dreams?

Do our dreams come true when we wake up? Do we only have one dream? Can we paraphrase our dreams? Why are we eager to know what dreams mean to us?

Can dreams be bought? Are there any forbidden dreams? Can dreams be stolen? Do dreams take a break and continue?

Why don’t I like to dream? Can dreams be borrowed? What does it mean to daydream, and is it a real dream? Do you dream too?

Do your children dream too? Do you know what your children dream of? Do you understand their dreams or are you dreaming of that as well.
Well, let me go, I want to dream!

Zijah A. Sokolović


Author: Selma Parisi
Director: Zijah A. Sokolović
Drama Assistant: Emina Kovačević
Creator of Puppets: Luči Vidanović
Ilustration and Poster design: Tajma Guzin
Computer animation: Nikola Galić
Costume design: Lejla Hodžić
Scenography: Zijah A. Sokolović
Composer: Atilla Aksoy
Master of the scene: Đenan Behmen
Master of music & light: Amer Ćatić


Igor Vidačković – Boy
Nina Popović – The Sea
Ali Kamer Aksoy – Dolphin
Diana Ondelj-Maksumić – Educator


23rd International Puppet Festival “Golden Spark”, Kragujevac / 20.05.2021.
– A special award for the original story is given to Selma Parisi for the play “The Boy Who Dreamed of the Sea” by the Puppet Theater in Mostar.






50 min