The Puss in Boots


Dear children,

Many years ago I had a chance to visit Mostar for only a few hours. Back then I thought it would be nice to spend there at least a few days to get to know it better. It seems to me that Mostar is a miraculous place because my wishes to visit it again have come true.

The Director of Puppet Theater Mostar, Mrs. Ranka Mutevelić, invited Bulgarian artists to perform a play in Mostar. I accepted this invitation with great joy. I’ll tell you a secret: it was just because of my old wish to see Mostar again. Now, when I met the Puppet Theater collective, my joy is two-fold: I have the opportunity to be in Mostar, but also to work with talented, exceptional and enthusiastic actors. Together with them, I prepared for you a fairy tale of Charles Perrault “The Puss in Boots” in the dramatization of Veneta Antonova.

Everyone likes to hear old fairy tales because they can always find something familiar and close to them, but also something new that they have never discovered before. Unfortunately, “every fairy must come to an end”. Soon I’ll have to say good-bye to the beautiful Mostar, its emerald Neretva, its warm and cordial citizens and everyone from the Puppet Theater. I leave Mostar with the hope that I became part of its theater family and left a trace in their hearts.
Dear children, I want you to be happy and enjoy our performance at this Theater that exists because of you. Be like the Cat of this fairy tale; be full of optimism and faith in your possibilities.

Keep growing healthy and happy in the unique city of Mostar!

Elzbieta Eysymont, Director


Director: Elzbieta Eysymont
Director’s Assistant: Muhamed Nametak
Written by: Charles Perrault
Translation from Bulgarian: Roumiana Nikolova
Text Editing and Song Adaptation: Nedžad Maksumić i Diana Ondelj – Maksumić
Scenography, Costume Design, Puppet Construction, Painting and Light Design: Ivan Conev
Puppet and Scenography Construction: Ivanka Getova
Costume Construction: Mensur Kazazić
Decoration Construction: Mirsad Bijedić
Lead Technician: Amer Ćatić
Music: Milen Vassilev


Diana Ondelj Maksumić – The First Actor, The Puss in Boots
Sergio Radoš – The Second Actor, The Youngest Brother, The Harvesters, The Mower
Nedžad Maksumić – The Third Actor, The Tzar, The Cannibal
Nermina Denjo – The Fourth Actor, The Princess


The play’s artistry should be noted – pastel tones are dominant, except for the color of the cat boots; they are given an intense red color. Actors appear in a threefold role: as interpreters, as animators of props, and as puppet leaders. Moving from one to another role is “given in an open form, without hiding the process of modulation of particular scenes, as these actions are embedded in the game itself.” The game played by Diana Ondelj-Maksumić, as noted by the critic, “is permeated by outstanding spontaneity, and yet, her every movement, gesture, mimicry, eye movement, expresses her integrity, expressive fullness, thoughtfulness, and rhythm.” Her animation of the Cat is raised up to virtuosity.

Vojislav Vujanović


June 21, 2001